Let's know the migraine
What is a migraine?
Migraine with aura
Migraine without aura
Tension headache
Cluster headache
Cause of migraine
 ├Tea (green tea)
 ├Natural environment
 ├Intervertebral disc
 └Allergy to pollen

Let's deal with migraine
├Prevention by lifestyle
├Preventive medicine
├Solution of emergency
└Cure do not use drugs

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The feeling discomforts that come suddenly in daily life, pain is no telling how followed, that in not fully recovered, And I know that those who are having to suffer what these that there are many, and he wants to help even a little, to examine in various ways, I had told people around.I started making this site want like to know more people this. Is the person that you see this site I hope that it is released even a little spicy and trouble, from the pain you are having.

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