Let's know the migraine
What is a migraine?
Migraine with aura
Migraine without aura
Tension headache
Cluster headache
Cause of migraine
 ├Tea (green tea)
 ├Natural environment
 ├Intervertebral disc
 └Allergy to pollen

Let's deal with migraine
├Prevention by lifestyle
├Preventive medicine
├Solution of emergency
└Cure do not use drugs

Cause of migraine: Chocolate

Chocolate is also known as a food to induce a migraine .

Are included in the chocolate , nutritional ingredients typical
Dietary fiber
It is that .

While you think about polyphenol , I would like to mention in detail in alcohol ,
It is about everyone know about the antioxidant effect if Japanese .

Or What about theobromine ?
If you examine , I seem to improve concentration and memory , the mental capacity to stimulate the brain .
The thing has the effect of caffeine as well , and that act slowly than caffeine .
While you think about caffeine , and I want you to look at the coffee ,
Strange feeling I will theobromine is to go with the flow until now .

Next is glucose . It is necessary nutrients to the brain . You can stabilize the mood , and you can calm down
Action to promote the secretion of serotonin so is certain .
I learned for the first time this .
If you seem to be something in glucose , most food is likely to become the NG.

The dietary fiber , which is a point that it is absorbed in the first place is less likely ,
There is a bowel movement image is likely to be better.
In the street even if I studied , also in the prevention of colon cancer and obesity prevention as a result
It seems to have been said to be effective .

Well , need to investigate suspicious theobromine in detail or not what is likely .
As you investigate , I was hit with the problem of chocolate allergy .
Chocolate allergy seems to be a type of food allergy that occurs by eating cacao .
As allergic reactions , headache was included .

Things that contribute to this is the case some possible ,
Such as trans-fatty acid tyramine , and theobromine was typical .

Theobromine is similar to the drug used in the bronchodilation during treatment of bronchial asthma ,
It seems to cause the symptoms of headache and nausea when I take it in abundantly .
He is also a bitter component of chocolate , theobromine this is so become chocolate brown The more you the more ,
It seems that even if you are missing so much in such as white chocolate .
In addition , he is said trans-fatty acids and cause the cause the deterioration of allergies and weakened immune system .

May also want to look up here , I remember ,
I'd not be bothered by hay fever until about the end of May from the end of February ,
I have heard the story If you do not eat too much chocolate that good .
It is that it's the cause of deterioration of allergy .
Well , I was convinced .

Finally , It is tyramine .
In fact , amines such as tyramine or is it that vasoconstriction action .
By the action of tyramine , blood vessels shrink temporarily eat chocolate ,
When you return to the original then , and to become a generation factor of vascular headache is to expand greatly ,
There seems to be a factor the same as the flow of until now .

When I try to do this , is this headache
Whether the chocolate allergy , Is it a migraine ,
Or whether such otherwise , I'll have to assess properly .

To begin with , a drink with ground cocoa beans , the origin of chocolate seems to be a medicine .
What if you also consider such, Awa not fit , and an appropriate amount of individual is likely .

However, losing to that sweet temptation , and would continue to eat , it's no longer stop the
I think that there is experience at least once and if you like chocolate .

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