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What is a migraine?
Migraine with aura
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Cause of migraine
 ├Tea (green tea)
 ├Natural environment
 ├Intervertebral disc
 └Allergy to pollen

Let's deal with migraine
├Prevention by lifestyle
├Preventive medicine
├Solution of emergency
└Cure do not use drugs

Cause of migraine: Aspartame

There are rumors that be a factor that aspartame artificial sweetener causes migraine .But what in fact ?

Aspartame amino acids and two types of phenylalanine and aspartic acid The thing that was bound and methanol , sweetness of 200 times of sugar seems certain .

Phenylalanine and aspartic acid , glutamic acid as well It is a component of protein , it is of the required compounds for the human body .It seems to be broken down into amino acids and methanol two aspartame and is incorporated into the body .

Where is the problem integrally and is up to here , I do not know at all. However, Who glutamic acid that could be the cause of migraine seems to enter the world .And , also aspartic acid to it with a structure similar It is likely to be that some people that can be a cause to cause a migraine as well .

Now, the other part what ?

Phenylalanine and aspartic acid is a compound necessary for the human body .Although meant to be a definitive ,Or there is an example that caused the neuroendocrine disorder and brain damage in laboratory animals aspartic acid ,There seems to be an example of or become neurotoxin by itself phenylalanine .

Further , what is a problem well with methanol when it is decomposed in the body It is that it is said to turn into a toxic substance by heat in particular. Headache , nausea , heart disease , and mental instability among medical officials in the United States Opinion side effects of many to take to feel free to anyone that many dangers seem to be many .

Also, too ingested aspartame Body ends up illusion that it "does not gain weight even if I eat something sweet" Announced that becomes constitutionally predisposed to gain weight are also .

Because it is said, that will be also used for prescription drugs, Although depends on your point of view of individual How can I capture, I think that it is being used to suppress the amount does not need to be nervous. Health damage caused by aspartame is not found results of the investigation, It is that there is no problem at all that has been revealed in the normal usage .

Personally, the taste of artificial sweeteners because unpleasant, It is classified as typical of what you do not want to take too much !

Whatever the case may be ,Serves as a cause of migraine of his , was mainly due to aspartame I think that if there in aspartic acid , that there is a need to determine the appropriate amount .

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