Let's know the migraine
What is a migraine?
Migraine with aura
Migraine without aura
Tension headache
Cluster headache
Cause of migraine
 ├Tea (green tea)
 ├Natural environment
 ├Intervertebral disc
 └Allergy to pollen

Let's deal with migraine
├Prevention by lifestyle
├Preventive medicine
├Solution of emergency
└Cure do not use drugs

Migraine with aura

Migraine and headache without aura and headache with auraIt is roughly divided into two categories.

In migraine with aura , Aura , occur within 60 minutes the headache begins, Lasts 4-60 minutes.

As a precursor , Part of the field of view is lacking ( hemianopia ) ( Scintillating scotoma ) is visible light and glowing flickering around Symptoms such as occurs and headache will occur then.

And in fact , the previous step further than aura to headache , There is a sign.

Symptom occurs in a few hours to 48 hours before the start of the aura . As symptoms , Drop Frustrating Become angry Become emotional instability And so on , You and that you will be confused with physiology for women , Since the headache occurs in relation to physiological actually It seems hard to notice the sign.

In addition, I feel the symptoms that you have these , Some people notice sensuously headache is likely to occur.

That there is a sign or aura, What symptoms said then or appear? Can I be prevention How did you go? Would I want to use drugs or good ?And so on, It can hit to advance various measures! Thus, you will be able to keep more migraine unpleasant !

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