Let's know the migraine
What is a migraine?
Migraine with aura
Migraine without aura
Tension headache
Cluster headache
Cause of migraine
 ├Tea (green tea)
 ├Natural environment
 ├Intervertebral disc
 └Allergy to pollen

Let's deal with migraine
├Prevention by lifestyle
├Preventive medicine
├Solution of emergency
└Cure do not use drugs

Cause of migraine: Tea (green tea)

Which do not a migraine at the coffee ,
Person to become migraine in tea also comes.
Although I think caffeine is because it also includes tea , coffee or the like ,
So this may not be the case Possibly .

I think Speaking of tea , catechin , caffeine per the association can do .
I think about the effect of caffeine , and if you can see the coffee.

Catechin of whether one would cause the other ?
Amino acid with a structure close to the glutamate Another , called theanine came out under scrutiny .
Let's take a look in order .


I think Speaking of catechin , but before quite those who remember that it has caused a big boom or also come .
Because it is about boom occurs , bad things I seems to be too much .

As a function of catechin ,
Cholesterol lowering , lowering body fat ( fat burning effect) , cancer prevention , antibacterial , antioxidant ,
Increased blood pressure suppression , blood sugar levels rise suppression , deodorization
And has the effect of so many .
It is the all-around much that it does not say .
It is about there is also a story that is said to be the utility of tea but most , that derived from this catechin .

By the fact me fix the environment in the body ,
From the fact that there is the effect to prevent damage to the gene and cell ,
It is said that there is the effect to protect the body food additives , such as from stress .

Will there be side effects to the good stuff so ?
Kind of side effects so do not find it even if I look well .
However , and can cause liver damage if you overdose seems to be pointed out .


Theanine is to become a component of sweetness and taste of the tea .
It is said to be also contained 12 times the crop of theanine in green tea .

The effects of theanine , brain and nerve cell protection , relax , lowering blood pressure
But , it turned up as a representative .

It's called a hot drink and tea also , I might be comes from the effects of theanine .
I understand that when the brain is relaxed , alpha wave that has come out ,
Research Alpha wave that amplifies when I take theanine so is certain .
In addition , alpha wave effect is increased , until the fingers that come warm so is certain .

It is said to be associated with the effect of these , learning function and also to improve the theanine .

Also , from that protection of brain and nerve cells ,
It seems to say to be in the position of the counter electrode and migraine caused by brain and nervous system .

I would talk that , in the last possibility ,
Theanine in terms of protection of the brain and nerve cells ,
It seems to be considered a decrease in serotonin and an increase in dopamine .
If you say serotonin , As I recall the Cause of migraine,
Serotonin decreases rapidly temporarily , can cause expansion and contraction of the blood vessels is likely to be considered .
However , in the study of theanine , such as the occurrence of headache is likely to have been reported .

Tea or is treated as a medicine in ancient times ,
To be or is said to not catch a cold if a cup of tea ,
Their safety is a thing until now high current from the past .
However, as a poison medicine if we also turn ,
I think that you find an appropriate amount to suit their own and do good .

Also it will introduce in the aspartame ,
The amino acid glutamic acid and theanine , such as aspartic acid good for the body
Possibly , Maybe there is one that does not fit in rare cases .

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